It’s morally wrong for the society to push for urgent school reopening for three reasons. It’s clear to all of us that Covid 19 is dangerous for we are fighting invisible enemy.

Reason number one. Many have claimed that Covid 19 is a “scam” in may countries in African continent. Neither do I support them nor oppose them. The question which should be ringing in our minds is ,”Are we ready to sacrifice our kid and teachers ? ”

We all agree that teachers are the all-day care giver to our children in school . It’s clear and evident that non has been done by our governments in preparing teacher to compart the spread of Covid 19 as per guidelines and protocols are concerned . I suggest it could have been better Kicd in collaboration with the ministry of health to conduct a in-service on the same .

Lastly,most learner and parents are still not well informed on the future of there children on transition matter. Many have questions on how class transitions will be carried out bearing in mind we only remaining with two studying month to end of year.

On my take, I strongly believe that its high time to chill . Prepare our teachers , prepare Physical structures as per guidelines of ministry of health, answer questions surrounding learning level transition and mostly explain the conflicting school calender of the present year and the school year to come .

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Onduso c sereti


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